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All I want for CHRISTMAS is.....


Gobstopping Christmas

From Dec 1 - Jan 2

Innovative dishes and sips, gobstopping carnival,
$5,000 CASH LUCKY DRAW and more....

Dan's Gobstopping Christmas
Dan Ryan's Christmas

Dan Ryan's Christmas

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Join us on a marvelous journey as we reveal the wonderful and mysterious offerings this Christmas—Start with our thoughtfully curated chocolicious menu and splashy sips.

Continue the merriment with a limited "Golden Ticket" that brings guests to our whimsical Wonka-inspired "Dan's Gobstopping Carnival" and a chance to win a $5,000 cash lucky draw!

We are running out
of Wonka Bars

Our chocolicious menu is designed to infuse
holiday celebrations with warmth, joy, and unparalleled flavor.
The set showcases hearty dishes including thick-cut Maple
Pancetta Strips with Yolky Cheesy Mash & Chocolate Dips

NY Striploin Steak with Chocolate Steak Sauce, Lobster Tail with
Buttered Dip
and the moreish Christmassy S’mores Dip, and more.

Chritmas Specials

“Candy is dandy,
but liquor is quicker.”

Scrumptious Chocolate Shake
Candy Cane
Spiced Cherry Bellini
The Nutcracker
Salted Caramel ChaIced Tea
Clearly a Chocolate Martini

Our Christmas drinks menu dazzles with colorful cocktails like the Spiced Cherry Bellini and Clearly A Chocolate Martini. Non-boozy picks include Scrumptious Chocolate Shake, Candy Cane, and more.

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“So much time and so little to do.
Wait a minute.
Strike that. Reverse it.”

Step into the enchanting world of Christmas at our Wonka-inspired carnival in Lee Tung Avenue branch on December 16 & 17, 1-5pm!

50 pairs of Golden Tickets (for each day) are up for grabs on

DA REWARDS in November.


Ornament Workshop

Candy Table

Balloon Twisting

Face Painting

Beer Pong

$150 / game

Let's get the balls wet! 


Cash Lucky Draw

Every Golden Ticket is entitled to participate in our $5,000 cash lucky draw. The more tickets you get, the higher the chance of winning!

How to Redeem?

​How to redeem "Golden Ticket"?

  1. Register as "DA Rewards" Member

  2. Go to "REWARDS" section, click on "Golden Ticket" with the date you prefer

  3. Confirm and Redeem

  4. Each Golden Ticket is allowed one guest

  5. For Basic Members:       2,000 points per ticket
    For Premium Members: 1,500 points per ticket

*Limited tickets and quota for workshops. First come, first served!

How to join the $5,000 Cash Lucky Draw?

  1. ​The holder of "Golden Ticket" needs to follow Dan Ryan's Instagram account

  2. Take photos or videos at "Dan's Gobstopping Carnival" and share them on Instagram with tag and #DansGobstoppingChristmas

  3. Each member can redeem more than one "Golden Ticket". The more tickets you have, the bigger chance you will win!

  4. Dan Ryan's will announce the winner on social media in December


Terms & Conditions:

  1. 1All staff and their families are not eligible for the cash lucky draw

  2. Dan Ryan's reserve final decision 

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Set menu available during dinner session   (available all day from Dec 23 - 26)

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